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Nona Minamoto (源乃奈; or Nona) better known by her nickname Nanami is a former Japanese-American kid model who is currently a rookie singer under ZFX Entertainment. She is the main vocalist and one of the main dancers of the South Korean-Western Pop unisex group "VINCENT" which has yet to debut.

Childhood Edit

When Nanami was just the age of three, she was pushed into the world of modeling by her parents Florena and Nathan better known as Raj K. Thapa. She modeled till the age of 6 and stopped modeling because of her health problems and then later on she switched to Music and is still in hopes of achieving her dreams. She entered ZFX Entertainment as a 7 year old child and since then has been training with the group VINCENT which has yet to debut.

Education Edit

She studied in the elite and prestigious preschool named "The British School" as her parents could afford to. While in her preschools days as mentioned by her teachers she had great grades. She currently studies in the prestigious school named "GEMS School" located in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur in Nepal.

Family Edit

She has a older brother named Frank Minamoto (源芙蘭久; or Frank) better known as Youngsun(영선; or Youngsun) who is a korean ulzzang and model.

Facts Edit

  1. Nanami is half Japanese, quarter American and quarter Swiss.
  2. She is the closest to Lian and Zen from VINCENT.
  3. She is friends with The Eastlight, YHBOYS, BOYSTORY and Jo Woochan of SMTM6.
  4. She is the cousin of famous K-Pop idols Kim Taehyung, Lee Felix, Irene, Ahn Hyeongseop, Lee Soyul, Takada Kenta and Son Youngjae.
  5. Nanami's favorite boy groups are Wanna One, UNB and EXO.
  6. Nanami's favorite girl groups are Blackpink and Momoland.
  7. Nanami's favorite colors are green, blue, and black.
  8. Nanami likes painting, writing stories, singing, dancing, composing lyrics and producing songs.
  9. Her role model is G-Dragon and Lee Daehwi of Wanna one.
  10. Nanami was a former kid model for a magazine company.
  11. Nanami has a instagram account with the username @nanami_ariadne_wisteria.
  12. She has 3 pet dogs named Tifan, Aster, Mio and two pet cats named Hwi-chan and Yumi.
  13. Nanami has extreme fear of snakes, sharks and earthworms.
  14. She is a vegetarian and does not like any kind of food that contains meat products.
  15. She can speak fluent english, Japanese and French.
  16. The countries she would want to visit are Netherlands and Taiwan.


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With Short hair


Nanami as a child.

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